How to become a Studio Teacher

How to become a California Studio Teacher:

1) Contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for  information on various types of teaching credentials and how to get them.

2) You need to earn two teaching credentials.  Obtain a multiply subject teaching credential which allows you to teach multiple subjects in a self-contained classroom. In addition, a studio teacher must obtain a single subject credential which allows you to teach a single subject in junior high, middle school, or high school.  Only certain subjects will qualify.

3) Complete a 12-hour class for studio teachers as required by the California Labor Commission.  It will cover a variety of questions regarding the role of studio teachers and child labor laws in the entertainment industry.  Contact the CA Labor Commissioner’s Office for more details about the class dates, content and location.

4)  Take the studio teachers exam. Contact the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Labor Standards Enforcement Licensing and Registration Unit for an application and test date.

5)  Remember to keep your teaching credentials current and to renew your California Studio Teacher License every three years.

6)  Once you’re licensed, promote yourself as a new Studio Teacher via websites, Craigslist, blogs, studio teacher agencies, and anywhere else producers, directors, or film crew will see your advertisement!   Feel free to email if you have any questions =)

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