Safety Bulletins

The following safety bulletins, recommended by Industry-Wide
Labor-Management Safety Committee
for the Motion Picture and Television Industry, are available at the CSATF website.


Bulletin No. Description
GCSP General Code of Safe Practices for Production (Revised 10/17/02)
1 Recommendations for Safety with Firearms And Use of “Blank Ammunition” (Revised 4/16/03)
2 Special Use of “Live Ammunition” (Issued 4/16/03)
3 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Helicopters in Motion Picture Productions (Issued 8/15/01)
3A Addendum “A” External Loads – Helicopter (Issued 8/15/01)
4 Stunts (Revised 01/26/05)
5 Safety Awareness (Issued 6/19/02)
6 Animal Handling Rules for the Motion Picture Industry (Revised 1/21/98)
7 Recommendations For Diving Operations (Revised 8/29/07)
8 Guidelines for Traditional Camera Cars (Revised 7/19/06)
8A Addendum “A” – Process Trailer/Towed Vehicle (Revised 11/12/96)
8B Addendum “B” – Camera Boom Vehicles (Revised 11/12/96)
8C Addendum “C” – Power Line Distant Requirements (Issued 6/19/02)
9 Safety Guidelines for Multiple Dressing Room Units (Revised 10/3/95)
10 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Artificially Created Smokes, Fogs and Lighting Effects (Revised 10/20/99)
11 Guidelines Regarding the Use of Fixed-Wing Aircraft in Motion Picture Productions (Issued 8/15/01)
11A Addendum “A” – External Load Guidelines (Issued 8/15/01)
12 Guidelines for the Use of Exotic Venomous Reptiles (Revised 9/19/95)
13 Gasoline Operated Equipment (Revised 10/4/95)
14 Parachuting and Skydiving (Revised 1/6/06)
15 Guidelines for Boating Safety for Film Crews (Revised 11/30/94)
16 Recommended Guidelines for Safety with Pyrotechnic Special Effects(Revised 11/30/94)
17 Water Hazards (Revised 1/21/98)
18 Guidelines for Safe Use of Air Bags (Revised 11/30/94)
19 Guidelines for the Use of Open Flames on Motion Picture Sets(Revised 11/30/95)
20 Guidelines for Use of Motorcycles (Revised 2/23/96)
21 Guidelines for Appropriate Clothing and Personal Protective Equipment(Revised 9/18/96)
22 Guidelines for the Use of Elevating Work Platforms (Scissor Lifts) and Aerial Extensible Boom Platforms (Revised 10/26/04)
22A Addendum “A” – Power Line Distance Requirements (Issued 6/19/02)
23 Guidelines for Working with Lighting Systems and Other Electrical Equipment (Revised 3/12/08)
23A Addendum “A” – Power Line Distance Requirements (Issued 7/09/02)
23B Addendum “B” – Basic Electric Safety Precautions for Motion Picture and Television Off Studio Lot Location Productions (Issued 8/1/2000)
23C Addendum “C” – Working With 480 Volt Systems (Issued 3/12/08)
24 California OSHA Safety Requirements for Handling of Blood and Other Potentially Infectious Materials (Revised 3/23/00)
25 Camera Cranes (Issued 12/16/98)
25A Addendum “A” – Power Line Distance Requirements(Issued 6/19/02)
26 Preparing Urban Exterior Locations for Filming (Issued 9/20/00)
27 Poisonous Plants (Issued 2/21/01)
28 Guidelines for Safety Around Railroads and Railroad Equipment(Revised 11/30/94)
29 Guidelines for Safe Use of Hot Air Balloons (Issued 8/15/01)
29A Addendum “A” – External Load Guidelines for Safe Use of Hot Air Balloons (Issued 8/15/01)
30 Recommendations for Safety with Edged and Piercing Props (Revised 6/21/95)
31 Safety Awareness When Working Around Indigenous “Critters” (Issued 11/06/01)
32 Food Handling Guidelines for Production (Issued 6/19/02)
32A Addendum “A” – Los Angeles County Health Advisory (Issued 6/19/02)
33 Special Safety Considerations when Employing Infant Actors (15 days to Six Months Old) (Revised 1/22/97)
34 Guidelines for Working in Extreme Cold Temperature Conditions (Revised 3/21/01)
34A Addendum “A” Wind Chill Chart
35 Safety Considerations for the Prevention of Heat Illness (Revised 10/17/07)
36 Guidelines for Miniature Remote-Controlled Camera Helicopters (Issued 4/18/01)
37 Vehicle Restraint Systems Seat Belts & Harnesses (Revised 12/09/02)
38 Guidelines for Inclement or Severe Weather (Issued 2/23/05)
39 Safety Guidelines for Using Foam(ed) Plastics in Set and Prop Construction (Issued: 1/18/06)
40 Safety Guidelines for Non-Camera Utility Vehicles (Issued: 10/17/07)
Guideline No. Description
1 Special Procedures For Minors Performing Physical Activities (Issued 5/17/06)
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Guidelines for Handling Freshly Painted or Printed Backdrops and Other Graphic Arts (Issued 1/6/06)
Safety & Health Awareness Sheet – Photographic Dust Effects (Issued 5/25/05)